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Crisis Software Solution
Immediate information, communication and crisis teams’ response across an organisation.


The cmrhub is a powerful web-based crisis communications, management and training tool for real time sharing of information across sites and business units, regional offices and executive leadership teams. Visibility is granted to team members on a hierarchal basis and to Board members, CEO etc.

Events, actions and decisions are immediately visible across all users regardless of geographical location. 

The cmrhub is used in real events and in training incidents that are clearly identified. Training records ensure that individuals as well as teams are suitably trained to respond to a real even should one occur.

The cmrhub is a secure system that may be accessed on a PC or hand-held device 24/7.

Key features of the cmrhub include:
  • Immediate crisis management response picture across the whole organisation during a real or training event.
  • Visibility of events, actions and decisions on a hierarchical basis.
  • Continuous assessment of an escalating emergency/incident/crisis situation including an emergency SITREP from the scene.
  • Generation of actions and issues in the response process.
  • Complete chronological events and incident logs.
  • Visual notification of new posts.
  • An audit trail of actions and decisions.  
  • Confirmation of regulatory reporting.
  • Stakeholder management including a database of all foreseen stakeholders with contact details.
  • Message approval system.
  • Posting of latest company message with immediate access for all users.
  • Visibility of staff communications.
  • Details of recovery and business continuity response.
  • Access to responding team members’ details including those who are active.
  • A resources database that includes crisis/incident/emergency/evacuation/contingency plans, duty cards, protocols etc.
  • Efficient and measurable training tool for all levels of management.
  • SMS call-out.
  • Chat room.
  • Data and photo upload from mobile devices during an incident.
  • Accessible through hand held devices.
  • Training records for continual improvement and certification.
  • State-of-the-art security.

For further information or a demonstration, contact RCA Crisis Management.